Founded in 2012 and still operating until today, Artha Gilberte is a design firm with a strong concept, that offers a wide range of services including architecture, contractor, supplier, exterior & interior design.
Artha Gilberte started the journey from Australia, branching out to Singapore and Indonesia, obtaining strength in working with different type of clients.
We believe in the collaboration with clients whether it is a small or big projects, because we design to deliver the best for everyone.
To achieve the best quality of work with an excellent concept of design and carefully selected materials from furniture to decorations.
The meeting of function and form, the balance of the client's need and design become the aspects behind our success.
With an unique understanding of an ever-evolving industry, Artha Gilberte continues to build on experiences to offer expert services to residential, commercial, institutional, and even corporate market.

What We Do


Our architectural design

has a strong concept fundamental that allows dynamic conceptualization and legible presentations, by achieving client's needs with various design solutions and our professional skills that contributes to the process of design.


We offers advanced technical skills from construction detailing, working drawings, until contract of a project.

We also offer project teams made up of consultants

from companies of

various countries.


Providing detail working drawings and execute the tasks to complete the given project according to the principle of design and code of construction.


We have our own workshop with 25 expertise in wood works, to provide high-quality of custom-made loose & built-in furniture based on detail drawings.



Medan, North Sumatra

Jl. S.Parman Gang Pasir Baru No. 317D

Petisah Hulu - Medan Baru

Kota Medan

Sumatera Utara 20152

Office : (061) 88814093

Jakarta, DKI Jakarta

Rukan Garden House No.31A

Pantai Indah Kapuk
Jakarta Utara - Penjaringan

DKI Jakarta 14470

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